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Shon Cue STL17

Shon Cue STL17
Shon Cue STL17
Item# STL17
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Shon Cue STL17

The STL17 model features a Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt with Ebony, White Phenolic & Elephant Ivory inlays; stainless steel joint; dashed index rings; and white butt cap.

Schon Features Standard 58 cues Available in 19-21 oz. Cue butts are built on a hybrid core of laminated woods Elephant Ivory, Ebony and other exotic wood inlays Phenolic-lined stainless steel joint collars Stainless steel pins Butt plates are made out of nearly-indestructible Delrin Piloted joints mate with phenolic cushioned brass shaft inserts Shafts and cue butts are perfectly matched during manufacturing, giving that distinctive Schon hit

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