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Noto II Dining Pool Table

Noto II Dining Pool Table
Noto II Dining Pool Table
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Product Description

Noto II Dining Pool Table

Noto II is a great choice for a modern, contemporary or even traditional decor. Noto II is similar to the Vision design but does not have a hydraulic lift and it has an ultra modern lacquer finish. This allows you to have the same aesthetic as the Vision, but save on the cost of adding a hydraulic lift. A variety of color options will suit any decor. Clean simple lines of the table will add a streamlined, visually pleasing feel. This durable table converts from a pool table into either an office desk or a dining table. As with all of our convertible tables, it can be custom designed to meet your needs. Our ready-to-go options are suited for American pool and accommodate 6-8 diners when the table is prepared for dining.

Custom design choices are available for not just game style and table size if you want to accommodate more diners or a billiard game other than pool, but also include: frame tint, table top material, leg style and felt color. See our brochure to aid in your choice selections. Felts can be custom ordered to display monograms, emblems, chapter letters, team logos and other symbols.

All of our convertible tables are constructed from pure solid oak, birch or ash, stainless steel, thick glass, and plexiglass. We use wood derived from Russian forests and manufacture our tables in our factory in Lithuania using the world’s best professional felt( Simonis, Championship, and WSP Textiles), and the finest Italian and Brazilian slate on the market.

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