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NBA Hoops

NBA Hoops
NBA Hoops
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NBA Hoops

The extremely popular hoop fever basketball game has been recently designed with an all-metal and adjustable front cabinet, hard wood floor, NBA sized hoop to accommodate a 9″ basketball and a polycarbonate backboard for more realistic scoring and durability. Each game includes a large 40-second game clock that is located behind the backboard. The player feels the pressure as time clicks down. Choose from the “generic NBA” or “team specific” models. Just choose your favorite NBA team and we will design the graphics package for your location. Bring a new look to your location today with NBA Hoops.

Set Up Dimensions Height: 84" Width: 38" Depth: 82" Weight: 750 lbs.

Crate Dimensions Crate 1: Height: 33" Width: 100" Depth: 35" Weight of Crate 1,2, and 3: 750lbs.

Crate 2: Height: 4" Width: 91" Depth: 52"

Crate 3: Height: 6" Width: 90" Depth: 34"

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