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Garlando Special Champion Foosball Table is Wheelchair Accessible

Garlando Special Champion Foosball Table is Wheelchair Accessible
Garlando Special Champion Foosball Table is Wheelchair Accessible
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Product Description

Garlando Special Champion Foosball Table is Wheelchair Accessible

SKU: G-SpecChamp
Brand: Garlando

The Garlando Special Champion foosball table is specifically designed to be used by people on a wheelchair. Designed with the features meeting the requirements of the people sitting on a wheelchair, it has a reduced height, a longer cabinet to accomodate two wheelchairs (while the playfield has a regular size), score counters and ball rescuing baskets in a position easy to be reached. The standard telescopic rods allow a safe playing. Tested and approved by disabled players, it is coated with the luxurious combination of black and silver as the Evolution and the ITSF Garlando models. The table will also be available in an ITSF approved version, for the official competitions.

Heavy duty 25mm thick MDF cabinet with melamine coating.

9 x 9 cm square metal legs coated with antiscratch silver powder-varnish.

Levellers enable a perfectly flat playing field on uneven floors.

2.2mm thick high stress resistance steel telescopic bars coated with anti-rust chromium-plating.

Steel roller bearings greatly improve the game speed and reduce the stress for the players' wrists

Unbreakable moplen players moulded onto the bars. Color: red/blue

Fully rotating (360 degrees) or non-rotating goalkeeper (180 degrees) on choice.

Plastic handles with ergonomic grip.

Playing field with official size, comes standard in plastic laminate. Option to order in tempered transparent glossy glass or non-reflective sanded glass.

Green background with white lines to look like a football ground.

Balancing inside goal to absorbe the ball bumps and preventing bouncing off.

Quick and easy ball recovery through an exit in correspondence of the leg.

Competition abacus score counters enabling to mark game sets and goals, located in an easy- to- reach position.

10 white Standard balls included.

Assembly required

Height: 82*-85** cm
Length: 181.5 cm
Cabinet width: 75.2 cm
Width with telescopic bars: 110 cm
Weight: 78.5 Kg
Packing: 186 x 81 x 30 cm
*Levellers completely up
**Levellers completely down

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