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Feather Strips, Shims & Wedges

 Feather Strips, Shims & Wedges
Item# ACRF1

Product Description

Feather Strips Feather strips are used to attach billiard cloth to the top of the rail on a billiard table. Not for use on tavern-style pool tables.

ACRF: Feather Strips 48" long (6) ACRFP: Plastic feather strips, 48 long

Feather strips come in packages of 6.

Pool Table Shims Pool table shims are used to help level pool table legs and slate.

ACRS1: 3" Rubber Shims 1/32" thick Bag of 50 ACRS2: 3" Rubber Shims 1/16" thick Bag of 50 ACRS3: 3" Rubber Shims 1/8" thick Bag of 50 ACRS4: 3" Rubber Shims 1/4" thick Bag of 25

Pool Table shims come in bags of 25 or 50.

Table Wedges Wooden table wedges make slate leveling quick and easy.

ACRW: Poplar Wood Wedges - Box of 50

Pool Table wedges are available in boxes of 50.

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