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Dubai Billiard Table

Dubai Billiard Table
Dubai Billiard Table
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Product Description

Dubai Billiard Table

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The billiard table MBMbilliardi is realized with long time seasoned wood selected by high-quality masters of cabinet-making. The table is manufactured with compensation laws which permit the cancellation of the natural movements of the used material, thus ensuring a perfect stability over years. The elements of the billiards are manufactured by a computerized numerical control machinery which ensures the squaring and the perfect rectification of the playing field, bestowing a very high level quality and technology on the billiard.


The table billiard Dubai is realized in solid beech wood heart-wood, united with the laws of compensation. The internal part of the frame is fixed with painted steel profiles. Due to the developed system of anchorage the billiard is completely detachable, the available cushions are perfect for the traditional “Italian” game, American Pool, International / Carom games (without pockets), Snooker and Russian pyramid. The frame and the edges are in finished wood as the samples. The playing field is made of professional billiard slate. The cover is in finished wood as the samples and is divided in 4 pieces. The product is completely realized in Italy.

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Standard Cloth Chart:

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Free Basic Kit:

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You can choose to upgrade the kit and the cloth at additional costs

The UPGRADED PLAY KIT costs $150: and includes an Aramith Crown Standard Ball Set and includes solid wood accessories that are available in Mahogany, Walnut or Black finish.
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    UPGRADED CLOTH $100: Velocity Pro Tournament Cloth
    Velocity Pro cloth is a 21oz. worsted wool fabric whose construction naturally repels liquid spills and reduces pilling. Made from 86% Australian wool and 14% nylon, this cloth provides a fast playing surface and extended durability. 
    Colors NOT available: Olive, Red, or Black. Take a look at the next upgraded cloth! It is also a worsted cloth and comes in all COLORS :)
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    UPGRADED CLOTH $200: Simonis Professional Cloth Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate or the rubber, they only touch the cloth.  Simonis Cloth is a combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. Nap-free. Will not peel or fluff.

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    Professional installation is very highly recommended for this table!

    For a LIMITED TIME Professional Installation available for only $299 in South Florida (regular price $350).
    We can usually deliver & install this pool table with in 3-7 Business days in the Miami & South Florida Area.



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