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Cuetec Cues R360 Inlay Series

Cuetec Cues R360 Inlay Series
Cuetec Cues R360 Inlay Series

Cuetec’s (patent pending) R360 15-1/2” pro tapered shaft construction and performance features:

1. The R360 is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cut “A Plus” grade Canadian maple sections to ensure an exact fit.

2. The R360 construction provides maximum radial consistency ensuring the most accurate cue ball response and control.

3. The composite core inside the shaft controls deflection, squirt, distortion and prevents warpage.

4. The 15-1/2” Pro Taper provides a long comfortable stroke.

5. The first ten centimeters of the shaft has a clear coat protection to keep it from absorbing dirt and chalk when being assembled and taken apart.

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