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Collegiate Hoops

Collegiate Hoops
Collegiate Hoops
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Product Description

Collegiate Hoops

Street Operators – Because of the smaller footprint and height easier for children to play due to shorter throwing distance.


Epoxy Powder Coated Metal Frame 11 ply marine grade wood ˝” Impact Resistant Backboard Features:

Programmable gameplay from 30-60 seconds Customizable with school logo’s and graphics Removable top arch to accommodate 8ft. (96”) ceilings Real hardwood floor Uses same basketballs as Hoop Fever and NBA Hoops Includes strobing LED’s that move from front to back of cabinet Options:


Dollar Bill Acceptor

Assembled Dimensions: 100"L x 39"W x 108"H (or lowered to 96")

Shipping Dimensions and Weight: 96"L X 49"W X 78"H x 584 lbs.

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