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Carnagie w/ Drawer

Carnagie w/ Drawer
Carnagie w/ Drawer
Item# PT-11074
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Product Description

Carnagie w/ Drawer


Beams are 4" x 2" interlocking solid pieces of wood, extending the length of the table Provides 66% more frame to slate support compared to the industry standard table Unitizes the frame and gives it incredible support that will not fatigue or fail over time ONE PIECE LEG-

Strongest foundation possible Extends from the floor to the slate Allows the heavy weight of the slate to be evenly distributed to the floor Legs are attached to the cabinet by using heavy lag bolts and wood dowels CABINET & FRAMING-

100% Solid wood cabinet All wood interior frame RAILS, CUSHION & PLAY SURFACE-

6.5 Oversize professional all wood top rails, K66 natural tournament cushions Impressively responsive and accurate play 100% accurate rebound Enclosed wood corners with genuine leather drop-pockets 1 K-Patterned Framed Slate

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