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Boxer Mask

Boxer Mask
Boxer Mask
Item# 025219N

Product Description

Boxer Mask

This machine rewards players with a gift of funny sexy strings in capsules when certain results are reached. Extra free gifts encourage players to play more, so the Boxer generates more income. Itís a new design, made with an amazing Venetian mask motif. The multicolored cabinet and many LED lights draw attention and persuade players to try this game. This model is perfect for entertainment centers, fun fairs, amusement parks and festivals. Boxer Mask comes in different designs and one of them, called Chameleon, uses so called chameleon paint which changes the boxing machineís color depending on viewing angle. The Boxer machine mainly changes from black to dark blue and dark violet. This is one of the most impressive Boxer Mask machine designs.

Set Up Dimensions Height: 102" Width: 28" Depth: 51" Weight: 276 lbs.

Crate Dimensions: Height: 93" Width: 41" Depth: 52" Weight: 500 lbs.

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