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Astral Pool Table

Astral Pool Table
Astral Pool Table
Item# PT-AST
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Product Description

Astral Pool Table
Astral Pool Table

The Astral slate 8’ pool table is manufactured from premium solid hardwood and carefully crafted metal components. Finished in a natural stain, the walnut wood exterior has a rich and complex finish that is unique to that species. The unconventional star pattern leg design makes a massive statement in any room. The Astral is detailed with aluminum trim on the aprons to visually soften the presentation, while her sister table the Stella offers the same design in a darker stain and without the trim. More than just beautiful furniture, quality materials and construction ensure that you will enjoy many years of high quality billiards with family and friends! The rails are appointed with inlaid sights and the premium K66 profile gum rubber cushions provide a superior, dependable rebound.

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The Astral slate pool table meets all BCA standards and includes a 5 year warranty

INSTALLATION: Professional installation not included, but recommended

SIZES AND OPTIONS: 8’ - Dining top is available but not included

INCLUDED: The cloth provided with your table is a 20oz wool blend billiard cloth in 25 complimentary colors.

PREMIUM SLATE: The 3-piece slate system consists of 1” thick backed slate that has been book matched and each piece honed to 1000th of an inch. The leveling hardware allows for micro adjustments during installation


8’ – 101” L x 57” W x 32” H / 945 lbs

Playfield = 44” x 88”

Shipping Dimensions:

Pallet 1: 110 x 60 x 32 563 lbs Cabinet

Box 1: 54 x 45 x 13 108 lbs

Box 2: 54 x 45 x 13 108 lbs

Box 3: 77 x 9 x 14 94 lbs

Box 4: 107 x 19 x 9 60 lbs

Box 5: 63 x 19 x 9 33 lbs

Box 6: 18 x 10 x 10 10 lbs

Pallet 2: 64 x 36 x 13 605 lbs Slate

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