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Archer Dining Pool Table

Presidential Billiards' Archer Dining Pool Table
Presidential Billiards' Archer Dining Pool Table
Item# PB-A
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Sale price: $3,799.00
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Product Description

Archer Dining Pool Table


  • Size: 7'/8'
  • Archer Leg
  • Leather Drop In Pockets
  • Diamond Sights
  • 3 Piece Slate
  • Aspen Wood

     photo arc3_1.jpg

     photo arc1.jpg

     photo arc2.jpg

     photo arc.jpg

    7' Archer with Standard Green Felt

     photo e93ba925-4e25-41ed-8a0e-d449e5052aaa.jpg

     photo a54592c1-ae66-4adc-a7e4-42e585d6d608.jpg

     photo 06d7f75f-9c1c-4210-87f5-31fe91c62caf.jpg

     photo 564274fa-bed5-4b6e-bfcc-f8bc692e2472.jpg

     photo 3011a14a-d986-4741-8215-cea8af415c3f.jpg

     photo 9ecc49a9-3d8a-4320-9752-7c9bc4a7cf7d.jpg

     photo 2d3fe92d-83c1-4651-adde-ab5d042e3bfd.jpg


  • New Basic Play Pack
  • New Standard Cloth!

     photo 4225f4ee-1d7c-4da0-a9cc-0c30ae85325c_zpspaqanl3k.jpg

    Basic Playing Pack includes:

  • 2 One Piece Ramon Wood Cues
  • Plastic Triangle
  • Plastic Diamond
  • 12 pieces of chalk
  • Ball Set
  • 9” Nylon Brush

    Standard Cloth:

     photo 06e6bcee-e2b1-41e5-b357-22eb9dd6041e.jpg Upgrades:

     photo 00C0C_luzCDC34Xv7_600x450-7_zpspzejbhuv.jpg

    Deluxe Play Pack



  • Plastic 15-ball rack
  • Plastic 9-ball rack
  • Four two-piece 57" cues with nylon wrap
  • Two-piece bridge cue with aluminum bridge head
  • Table brush
  • Plastic cover
  • 12-pieces chalk
  • Chalk holders
  • Basic pool ball set

    UPGRADE CLOTH $100: Velocity Pro Tournament Cloth

     photo VP.png

    Please note that we do not have the following VPC colors available:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Spruce

    UPGRADE CLOTH $200: Simonis Professional Cloth

    Different types:

  • 860 (Most durable)
  • 760 (Fastest and only available in Tournament Blue or Simonis Green)
  • 860H (+$20 extra. Commercial use)

    Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate or the rubber, they only touch the cloth.  Simonis Cloth is a combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. Nap-free. Will not peel or fluff.

     photo 36689819-54ab-4a2e-b208-ccbe332f5301_zpsdjegtk5p.png

    Professional installation is very highly recommended for this table!

    For a LIMITED TIME Professional Installation available for only $299 in South Florida (regular price $350).
      We can usually deliver & install this pool table with in 3-7 Business days in the Miami & South Florida Area.

      If it is going on a second floor, $50 extra.

      If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call!


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