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American Heritage Pool Tables

American Heritage Pool Tables
American Heritage Billiards

What started out in 1987 with an opportunity to build a few billiard tables for a local retailer has exploded into becoming the largest worldwide manufacturer of quality billiard tables and game room furniture Our mission was simple: engineer the best quality billiard tables in the marketplace by utilizing the finest raw materials available and encompassing old-fashioned wood joinery techniques. Its more than a pool table; its an inspiration for family and friends to gather more often and build a treasure chest of memories.

Styles and Designing

•American Heritage Billiards offers the greatest variety of styles and designs in all price points. Whether it be our standard American Heritage Billiards, Peter Vitalie, or Renaissance collections, each table is carefully created using furniture design elements to set it apart from the rest of the market. Paying attention to details like the size and carving style of each leg, the transition from the cabinet into the rails and legs, and creating custom pockets and blinds that fit each table is how we became the largest manufacturer of pool tables in the world. Cabinet


  • Absolutely no table weight is supported by hardware; we craft each table the “old-fashioned way” employing time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process
  • We interlock cross-laminated beams and mortise them into all four cabinet sidewalls to prevent any warping or twisting of the cabinet.
  • We build even more support into the cabinet by installing twin one-piece center beams to ensure that the cabinet stays square and true for the lifetime of the product.
  • Our proprietary “magna board” provides unparalleled slate bed support across its smooth, seamless surface to help support the heavy slate

    Table Rails

  • Our precision rail tolerances and 100% natural gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals.
  • All of our pool tables meet or exceed the stringent BCA specifications and guidelines

    Custom Pockets

  • All other manufacturers use one pocket shape and color to outfit all table models; your leather pocket is customized to fit the rail profile and accentuate the coordinating finish and style of each table

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