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7 Cue Wall Rack with Bridge Clip

7 Cue Wall Rack with Bridge Clip
7 Cue Wall Rack with Bridge Clip
Item# 7CWRBC
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Product Description

7 Cue Wall Rack with Bridge Clip

H 58" W 34" D 6" 7-cue wall rack with bridge clip, triangle hook, towel hook , score counter and cone talc holder. All HJ Scott racks are crafted with quality in mind. Quality details include high-quality American red oak, birch or maple construction, a unique double-washer system that keeps screws in place permanently, brass screw inserts that make HJ Scott racks easy to assemble and fully finished cue holes. HJ Scott uses only true American stains and lacquers in colors matching stains used by the four top billiard table manufacturers for a quality finish you're sure to notice.

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